Monday, 8 June 2015


Another highlight of our Berlin visit was the shop of Wolfen, a Berlin based fashion brand for both men and women. Its collection is quite classical, but so distinguishing when it comes to detail, quality and color use (ah those colors!!). The store is simple but beautiful and you instantly want to feel all the clothes in there. I spoiled myself with two pieces: one is a dotted, knee-length dress (see picture 2), that is so classical that it's close to old-fashioned - which is totally downplayed by its fine print and cutting details. I decided that it needs either my flat, off-white lace-up shoes by MOMA or the most fine, black pumps there are - which I don't own, so I'm going flat white ;). The other thing is a simple blue shirt dress - perfect for the summer holidays. So when on Auguststrasse, don't forget to sneak in here too (it's on number 41).

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

I read you!

Last weekend we were in Berlin (no kids involved) (thank you parents-in-law)! Unfortunately the usual suspects - our dear friends Lasse & Shino - weren't there this time, but we had a great time with Lot & Pim (Daan's sister + her boyfriend, who temporarily live in Berlin) and some good restaurants, shops, cycling and - last but not least - weather! One of them was old time favorite do you read me?! - one of my favorite bookshops all around the globe (or maybe even further). Think of any pretty/cool/inspiring magazine and they have it. For sure. The address is Auguststrasse 28 (Mitte). Go there if you're around. You'll like it. Positive.