Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas wrapping!

Thanks to An Apple A Day - the kids concept store in Utrecht I should really do a blog post about some time, that was so kind (after continuous begging from my side) to sell me some of their nice decorating stickers - my presents are nicely wrapped again this year. :)

Monday, 21 December 2015

Nice | Let it shine

The sun, breaking its way through the streets of Nice, a weekend in October. Perhaps it was driven by the force of love (that of my brother-in-law Paul and his girlfriend Klaske who tied the knot that weekend, to be more precise). Who knows... What I do know is that no matter the forces, we had such a fantastic weekend. Just how you want a wedding to be. The people, the atmosphere, the location, the food, the everything (ok, almost everything; I'm still waiting for the dj to make me want to move my body to the rhythm of his sound) (although there is a serious chance that this is just me being too specific about something (again), since everybody else around me was dancing like there was no tomorrow ;)) - it was all great and covered by this special sauce called the Paul & Klaske formula, which consists of a perfect mixture of mutually reinforcing ingredients that, as soon as you have put them together, you can't really imagine without each other anymore. Anyhow, that force of love, I'm sure it stroke us all that weekend.

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Pourquoi pas?

Excitement at somebody's toilet - the art of interior decorating as far as toilets are concerned just got a whole new dimension to it.

Note from the author: ceci n'est pas un pistolet. ;)

Friday, 2 October 2015

Djoeke - full of light

Last weekend we returned from a nice and relaxing holiday in France/Italy. A little summary for those who are interested:

Part 1 / a week in a mobile home on a cute little camping site close to Lake of Aiguebelette, near the French Alps. Perfectly sky blue lake, crispy fresh mountain air and - most important - not far away from Grenoble, where my friend Djoeke currently lives (falling in love with a Frenchman can be serious business!). Of course I wanted to know more about her new life.

Part 2 / northern Italy: a couple of days visiting friends (thanks again Damiano, Fabio & Stefano for the very nice time) + some days at Lake Garda (pretty but a bit too touristy to my taste (not a big surprise; I think half of the Dutch population can be found here in summer ;)).

Part 3 / always good to end your holiday in luxury and beautiful Villa Fiore in Le Marche (owned by Floortje & Dennis from Utrecht) did the job well. Great view, great care that has been put in restoring and decorating this old place (sorry, no photos this time, but you can check out their website!) and - last but not least - again great company: our friends Fleur & Fabian + good old pal Ceder.


So about my friend Djoeke: she lives in this nice, quiet & green area just outside of Grenoble, surrounded by mountains, called La Tronche. It was so nice to finally get to see where she lives now and that things seem to be working out for her there (although leaving your home country is no sinecure of course). Her house is great. Of course there was the 'Djoeke touch' (she has great style and has the ability to create a warm and cosy home no matter what the means are), but there was also this light entering the house everywhere, creating such a nice atmosphere. Of course this had to be captured - see below. My sweet Djoeke, I wish you all the luck in the world and hopefully we'll see each other again soon! xxxxxxx

Thursday, 1 October 2015

My love affair with Adriana

Why change a winning team?

Yep, when I love something, I go all the way. I like to think of myself as the adventurous type, but unfortunately the opposite is true: I'm the boring type. I wear the same (crazy cool) (at least that's what I like to think) outfit* over and over again, cook that same dish that I love** over and over again until Daan forbids me to ever enter the kitchen again, etc. etc. etc. And talking about Daan: we met in highschool and 20 years later we are still dating *** (I know! 20! Years! I'm not kidding!). I can't help myself; if I like something, I glue myself to it. I stay around and love and take care.

Anyhow, every now and then I start a new love affair, like last year with Adriana. I'm not sure if this one will last for 20 years (of course this is my goal), but she has been quite a consistent factor in my life since the very beginning. I love her and she goes with  me almost everywhere I go. That's why we wanted to show you this snapshot of us (or parts of us), taking a rest in a park in France during our holiday last month. Just so that you can get an idea of the chemistry between us.

Cherish what you have and enjoy your day! :)
Eva & Adriana

* Last year's favorite (or probably it was 2013, since last year I was covered in giants' clothes because of little Oscar growing inside of me) that I basically lived in: my burgundy woolen sweater by Maglificio G.R.P. from the men's department, my orange woolen trousers from Monique van Heist and my happy Nike Air Max sneakers. Good times!
** You should taste my freshly made pumpkin soup with cinnamon, chilly and pinenuts.
*** Does getting married and having babies still count as dating?

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Me, my family and I

So, talking about pumping... (yeah, I know, it's been a while. This post has been waiting for months to be posted... Sorry!)

Last year Oscar arrived to our little family. I said it before but I'am saying it again: the thankfulness and happiness - wow. This might be my own, sometimes (ok, since the birth of my kids pretty much non-stop) melancholic mind, but let's face it: life is not always kind. So having Oscar, healthy and all, was an enormous gift. The moment he (or likewise: his sister) was born and put on my chest - it hasn't gotten more special than that.

With child number 1, your life is turned upside down (a baby - how to take care? And: how to do anything else than taking care??). When the second one comes, you are already used to the isolation (uhm, social life, what was that??) and know how to recognize the different baby cries (not, but for the story's sake let's pretend I do ;)). This time though, the amount of kids equals the amount of parents, meaning that there are now two hands per kids instead of four. And when the other parent is not around, the hand/kid ratio even drops down to one - which makes you wonder how people can even consider having three kids or more. (Let alone the effort devoted by all those single parents out there; they have my respect, for sure). Just imagine: going out for something simple as buying a bread means setting up an entire caravan of kids, diapers, bottles and a whole lot of other stuff that is now a bare essential - which really makes you want to go back into the house and take a little nap, before actually setting that same caravan into motion...

And then there is the notion of being a 'real' family now (somehow with 1 it still feels like practicing) and the possible consequences this might have for your way of living, which can be a bit scary sometimes. Do we stay in the city or do we move out, in search of more space and freedom? And if we move out, do we move to some village or do we isolate ourselves in the countryside, occasionally escaping to the city to satisfy our aesthetic and cultural appetites? Time will tell...

In the end everything is great though. I mean, if your kids are healthy, they let you sleep a bit and you can find that oh so important work-life balance (ok, so none of these things come naturally or are easy, but you can be lucky!), another child just means more love. And this love is so big, it makes you forget about all the things you can no longer easily do or the things you never longed for but came with the package (pumping was definitely one of them...). All you want to do is love and take care.

There is one thing though I hope to never forget and that is 'me'. As I read someone saying not so long ago: 'I just want there to be something left of myself when they grow older and leave the house'. Bingo. It's exactly what I think is so important when having kids: to never lose who you are. Being a mother is a big and tremendously important part of who I am now, but it's only a part. There is more. The person I used to be before entering the world of motherhood, is still there and needs feeding too. In fact this blog is a bit of a reflection of this, even though I started it before having kids. It is something just for me and reminds me of the passions I used to have and still have: beauty and capturing it in photos. I hope to never lose this.

Every now and then I do allow the family to interfere - so meet Oscar (and in the background: Rosa + good old friend Ceder), ten months old and on the lookout in Servigliano (Le Marche, Italy), from which we have just returned. It's not the best photo of Oscar, but I like it with the kids scattered around in no particular pattern - just like a normal day ;) (plus: most of the other photos I took of Oscar recently appear to involve either his totally non-fashionable UV-protection suit or too much naked baby skin (which I LOVE but is not meant for the world wide web) - so they didn't make it to the blog) Love you kids!

Monday, 8 June 2015


Another highlight of our Berlin visit was the shop of Wolfen, a Berlin based fashion brand for both men and women. Its collection is quite classical, but so distinguishing when it comes to detail, quality and color use (ah those colors!!). The store is simple but beautiful and you instantly want to feel all the clothes in there. I spoiled myself with two pieces: one is a dotted, knee-length dress (see picture 2), that is so classical that it's close to old-fashioned - which is totally downplayed by its fine print and cutting details. I decided that it needs either my flat, off-white lace-up shoes by MOMA or the most fine, black pumps there are - which I don't own, so I'm going flat white ;). The other thing is a simple blue shirt dress - perfect for the summer holidays. So when on Auguststrasse, don't forget to sneak in here too (it's on number 41).

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

I read you!

Last weekend we were in Berlin (no kids involved) (thank you parents-in-law)! Unfortunately the usual suspects - our dear friends Lasse & Shino - weren't there this time, but we had a great time with Lot & Pim (Daan's sister + her boyfriend, who temporarily live in Berlin) and some good restaurants, shops, cycling and - last but not least - weather! One of them was old time favorite do you read me?! - one of my favorite bookshops all around the globe (or maybe even further). Think of any pretty/cool/inspiring magazine and they have it. For sure. The address is Auguststrasse 28 (Mitte). Go there if you're around. You'll like it. Positive.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Dries van Noten

When in Antwerp, don't forget to visit the Dries van Noten exhibition 'Inspiration' in the MoMu Fashion Museum. It's the very first time the fashion designer discloses his oeuvre in any exhibition and reveals the singularity of his creative process, illustrated with numerous sources of inspiration. Worth a visit!

Monday, 27 April 2015

Do it Duplo

Rosa (2) loves to build. Towers and houses are her favorite. Ideally the blocks are divided into categories (rectangles, squares, arches) before stacked carefully. Assistance is rarely accepted and after construction is finished, deconstruction usually follows soon to make place for a new creation. The addition of animals added a whole new dimension to the building art. Her parents are wondering if, skipping the whole Lego thing, stones and cement could be next and are already thinking of a kitchen expansion.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Rotterdam Part 2

Rotterdam... There was this place called heaven where they sold a funny type of bag (do you know it?  It's this brand called Susan Bijl. It's so cool, you should really check it out. Oh wait, I might have mentioned it before on the blog.... not sure... ;)), but of course there was more! Highlights: coffee at Hopper, shopping at Nen Xavier (one of my favorite shops in Rotterdam, located on the Van Oldebarneveltstraat. Nen is such a nice guy. I didn't manage to take a good photo of him, maybe next time...), lunch at the Fenix Food Factory at Katendrecht, just cycling around town, crossing the river Maas. There was a lot of stuff that I wanted to check out but missed (the 'Oude Noorden' part of town, Objet TrouvĂ©, one or two of the cool museums Rotterdam has to offer), but this means there is still more than enough left to explore next time. :)

p.s. the photos shown on the first photo are part of the graduation project 'Bean shot' of Rotterdam artist Aukje Simone van Rossum

Photo 1-3: @ Fenix Food Factory; photo 4: @ Nen Xavier;
photo 5: coffee at Hopper; photo 6: cycling around at Katendrecht

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Is this heaven?

After the Antwerp afternoon with my friend Josja, I knew it was time to take it one step further: spending a day in Rotterdam, alone. I like Rotterdam, I like (read: need) being on myself every now and then and why not take advantage of the fact that my baby had his first full day at the day care? The perfect treat before heading back to work. Besides visiting some of the usual stuff (Nen Xavier, Wendela van Dijk), there were some new places on my list. And on top - of course - was Susan Bijl's new shop. I had missed the opening (child birth - let's just say I was occupied ;)), but at least I now had the shop to myself - including the owner! It turns out that Susan Bijl is nice as a bag and as a person. If possible (I do doubt that), I'm now even more a fan. Susan Bijl rules.

Saturday, 11 April 2015


From the coffee at Vitrin to the familiar vitrines at Wouters & Hendrix' new shop, Antwerp sure did its best when visiting during the last weeks of my maternity leave* (after the obligatory pumping at the parking - yes, you moms know what I'm talking about - I did think I deserved it though). I realised again how close it actually is to my home town Utrecht and am definitely planning on visiting more often. Antwerp, dank u!

* which ended 1,5 week ago already - I'm so much behind with this blog (again, you moms out there will understand; two kids are more time consuming than one ;)) I promise I'll try to catch up!

Monday, 16 February 2015

Happy belated Valentine's Day!

Photo taken last year, in a photo booth at Le 104 in Paris (the city of looove!). Valentine's Day is not really my thing (I rather do something romantic on a regular day than conforming to the international calendar of love), but it's a good excuse for sharing photos of you and your love. ;)

Tuesday, 6 January 2015


On 30 November 2014 our son Oscar was born. We're so happy and thankful.

Birth card design again by our dear friend Lasse Kusk (Berlin), letterpress by DE POSTHUMUSWINKEL (Amsterdam). The little anchor represents hope and the symbol has been built over the geometrical shapes used for our daughter Rosa's card.